Wills, Probate and Estate Planning


Living in England and
a beneficiary of an Irish will or vice versa?

Cross Jurisdictional Probate Litigation

Beneficiaries residing in England often have issues with wills administered in Ireland and vice versa.

Siblings and other relatives regularly feel they have been deprived of a share in the estate or they feel the estate has been administered incorrectly or negligently by the Executor.

With offices in the UK and in Ireland we are in a unique position of expertise to advise you on these issues.

We can guide you through the relevant laws and practicalities with respect to the jurisdiction in question.

Probate litigation can be a difficult and emotional subject and we have the expertise and experience to help steer you through the process effectively.

Please take the time to look at our flyer on this topic - 2412041_advert_A_Eng_and_Ireland_Probate.pdf

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