The Four courts and four, four, two.

Our firm had a good day in the Four Courts in Dublin last week.

We were acting for a client before the Supreme Court to overturn a possession order that had been granted in favour of the bank by the High Court.  We were able to show to the Court that the Bank had failed to follow the appropriate procedures in seeking possession and as a result the Supreme Court Justices overturned the order and awarded cost against the bank.

It was an interesting and rewarding case to be involved with and showed up the rather cavalier attitude that the banks and their solicitors had shown to following the correct procedures and showed how the Court can indeed be the defender of citizens rights.

It is clear from a number of enquiries that we have had since the case, that there are many people in Ireland that feel very aggrieved at the way that the banks have acted towards them.  With the Banks now seeking more possession orders it is likely that the number of people who need specialist help will increase.

Meanwhile on matters sporting, the new management structure for the Irish football team has raised a few eyebrows.  There are certainly big connections with Manchester here. In fact both of the new management team have pieces of memorabilia up on the walls of the Irish Association Social Club (aka which celebrates all Manchester Irish soccer connections.

I don’t need to remind anyone of Roy Keane’s career but as a City fan , it is something  I would like to skirt over!  Martin O’Neill played for City briefly in the early 80’s too. There is even a legal connection! : Martin O’Neil’s brother is a lawyer practicing here in South Manchester and I bump into him from time to time.

For what it’s worth I think it is an inspired choice of management team. Maybe the FAI and Roy could teach the Bankers in Ireland a thing or two about burying the hatchet, leaving the past behind and moving on.  A bit of proper “debt forgiveness”  from the Banks is something that could help keep families in their homes and give people the sense of security for the future.  If that happens the economy can start to grow.  So here’s to hoping that the Irish economy and boys in Green will have a bright future.  I’ve a real feeling that they will.

Andrew McHale

5 December 2013