Equine Law Case Study

We represented NH, who had entrusted the care of her teenage daughter’s horse to an equestrian farm. Our client's instructions were that the horse was only to be ridden under her direct supervision. In her absence and against our client’s explicit instructions the horse was taken around the jumps on the farm by a member of staff resulting in an accident in which the horse’s leg collided with and broke through a wooden pole. The horse was then ridden around the jumps again causing irreversible and degenerative osteoarthritis to the coffin joint of the horse. This resulted in severe monetary losses to our client including veterinary fees and livery yard fees.

Initially the farm denied any knowledge of what had happened to the horse and our client only found out about the accident after a witness came forward. The injury to the horse will ultimately require the horse be destroyed causing further damages to our client.

Following representations from McHale Muldoon Solicitors the farm admitted liability and a favourable settlement was agreed upon which was to our client’s satisfaction.

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