Employment Case before Equality Tribunal

We acted for our client L.S., a South African immigrant working in catering for a large multinational corporation operating in Ireland. She came to us having suffered discrimination in the workplace because of her race, ultimately leading to her going unpaid for a week, having her hours cut, being made redundant, and not having her work permit renewed for over a year leaving her potentially unemployable and facing deportation as her visa deadline approached.

She suffered abuse in the form of racial epithets and derogatory comments from staff and customers, was deliberately embarrassed at work in front of her colleagues in a campaign of bullying by her superiors, and she, along with other African workers, was relegated to menial work which they alone were made to carry out.

After a two day hearing before the Equality Employment Tribunal, the case reached a favourable conclusion for our client when she received a settlement in excess of her annual wages in compensation.

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